Jolene—Kiss of the Reconnected Bride! Chuck Pierce TURNAROUND TODAY!

God is moving in this nation. Check this out. Thank you for your intercession on behalf of our wonderful nation. God bless you.

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Video—Kiss of God—Jolene Dream

A whistle is sounding from distant rails as I write to you from the home of Texas leaders Tom and Kay Schlueter. As you’ll read, this weekend proved historic for re-connection of the Bride of Christ. It was even marked by a dream given to Jolene which conveyed God’s kiss to this reconnected bride. What an incredible launch to the Glory Train southwest tour. Pentecost is here!

We embark this afternoon on a train to Austin TX for a prayer meeting tomorrow at the state capital. Then Tuesday evening we will have a Glory Train meeting at their church, Prince of Peace in Arlington TX. You don’t want to miss this if you’re in the area.

Launched with a Kiss! Jolene’s Journey
From Hawaii on…

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Meeting Jordan’s Warrior King. (In March, Lynn and I were invited to Jordan to meet King Abdullah II. Here’s a report on our trip and the threat ISIS poses to Jordan & the West.)

This new information from Joel Rosenberg about the King of Jordan very helpful. His latest book First Hostage was excellent. I await the sequel.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog


Last month, Lynn and I were blessed with the tremendous honor of spending several days in Jordan to meet with King Abdullah II. Our visit included tours of various military bases and the Zaatari refugee camp, briefings from senior military officials, and an up-close look at how His Majesty is dealing with the Syrian civil war, a tidal wave of refugees, and the growing threat of the Islamic State. We were deeply grateful for the opportunity and came away even more impressed with the king’s leadership than when we arrived. But we also saw how urgently Jordan needs more help from the West and the Arab world — before it’s too late.

This morning, The Jerusalem Post published an op-ed I wrote on my observations from the visit. Here it is in full. Please feel free to share it with others, and please keep the king, his family, and the people of Jordan in your regular…

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Jolene—Shelter from the Storm

Let the warhorses advance, let them lamplighting men and women shine their lamps high as they advance with speed! Let the fires ignite and spread across this land! Let this land be ignited with the fire of the love of the Father! Let the love of the Father melt hardened hearts. Let the Lion of the Tribe of Judah roar as never before! Let the force of the Lion’s roar tear apart the hardness and brittleness of sin and blindness of pride and the deaf and dumb spirit. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear! Those who have eyes to see, let them see! Those who have hearts to receive, let the hearts be opened and stretched to receive an increase of the love of the Father! Even so, Lord Jesus, come! Holy Spirit, come! Hallelujah!

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Blood moon. The Shemitah. Jewish New Year. September 11. Many are questioning to the point of panic, what will this new season hold?

Yesterday we explored prophetic themes related to the coming season. Most importantly, we conveyed our sense that God is releasing a Zechariah 9:11 invitation to the nation, with 9-11-15 as a demarcation.

We also shared on the warning dream I had on…

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Step Back Into God’s Circle of Covenant!

I completely agree

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Jon & Jolene with Patricia King at Women on the Frontlines DC! June 18-20, 2015, the Gate DC/ Whole Word, Oakton VA. More info at

I guess the Lord takes the name of the church seriously. Because virtually every time we go to the Gate DC, the Lord meets us profoundly.

And last night I had a vision. I saw a large gold band, and the Holy Spirit spoke, “Step back into God’s circle of covenant!”

I went to the Gate primarily to pray, as Jolene and I are gearing up for the upcoming “Women on the Frontlines” conference next week. Hosted by Patricia King, the gathering features many great leaders and worship by none other than Heather Clark. It is such an honor to be asked to speak, and I’m very grateful for your prayers. Make plans now to join us!

All that said, I felt in my…

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The Re-Constitution of the United States

This we declare over the United States of America in Jesus’ name, for we indeed and in fact proclaim, declare and decree over the United States that there is NO KING BUT JESUS!

Lamplighter Ministries

Here, for your review and prayer, is the Throne Room verdict we saw God render at Faneuil Hall Boston on 7-22. Please stand in agreement for this “turnaround verdict” to be fully enforced in this hour of history, for America’s legacy and destiny to be fully restored. 

The Re-establishment of The United States According to Original Intent
Glory Procession | July 22, 2014 | Faneuil Hall Boston

WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, etc., do receive the following verdict of the RE-CONSTITUTION of our Nation according to the original intents of our forefathers in Jesus Christ.

“Until the Ancient of Days came, and judgment was passed in favor of the saints of the Highest One, and the time arrived for the saints to possess…

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Three existential threats facing America. (My address to the National Religious Broadcasters convention.)

Well said. Thank you for spelling it out in plain English. Much appreciated.

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Addressing the NRB Convention. Addressing the NRB Convention.

(Tucson, Arizona) — Last month, I addressed the closing dinner of the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville. Last night, I addressed a conference of pastors and ministry leaders here in Tucson. The message here was nearly the same as at NRB. People have been asking me to share my notes because of the urgency of the subjects I discussed. So I am posting them here tonight.

The following is the formal message I prepared for the NRB Convention. While I did not deliver the speech verbatim, you will get the essential points I made that night.

WHEN YOU SEE A SWORD COMING:Three Existential Threats Facing America

  • Joel C. Rosenberg
  • Address to the National Religious Broadcasters Convention
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • February 26, 2015

My text tonight is Ezekiel chapter 33, verses one through nine. It is a famous passage — one that you all know…

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